Monday, May 24, 2010

roses are red, my love

Apparently, this is what happens when you pay attention to your roses:
You also maybe get good camera karma:
And finally, I got my Save the Frogs tote from Rambling Woods! Hooray! I love it.
Using a bag at the store: 5 cents.
Getting a nice little something in the mail on just the day when I needed a surprise pick-me-up: priceless.


Rose said...

The roses are beautiful!!! I do not have rose karma at all, but my older daughter does...

walk2write said...

Maybe the frogs will save your roses from pests. I hope so. They're lovely.

A piece of news said...

Thanks! The roses didn't last very long, but the buds are now opening. I want to cut one in the morning and take it to work.

Anonymous said...

Ah roses. Of course I have a story about the grandparents and roses.

Imagine the setting. It's a Sunday. Church is over. Sunday dinner is over. Grandma had been to church to worship. Dishes are in progress. Grandpa is mowing the yard before he has to go to work at the railroad. Grandma's looking out of the kitchen window at the day (and hoping for a breeze - this was before they had A/C).

The roses - heirloom ones that were dark pink almost to the point of being red and smelled SO good. (Grandma wasn't much for yardwork, but she did like things to be pretty and smell good. Grandpa really liked yardwork and gardening, but it was almost time for him to go to a job he didn't necessarily like.)

Suddenly, the lawnmower stops and the sound of a saw is heard. Grandma throws open the window even wider than what it was and starts yelling out the window, "Bill, BILL, what the hell are you doing???" Now, you have to remember, she had JUST been to church a couple of hours before AND she was not one to create any scenes with or in front of the neighbors.

Grandpa didn't answer. The sound of sawing continued.

Grandma yells out the window again, but he still ignores her. Finally, with a crack, the trellis comes down (this was a homemade one that was about eight feet across and ten feet high, made out of railroad ties and chain-link fencing). I thought Grandma was going to have a stroke! Her beautiful roses were GONE. (Grandpa had also chopped the roses out at the same time.) If I remember correctly, she didn't talk to him for a couple of days.

Upshot of it is that while he was mowing, he was sick and tired of trying to maneuver the lawnmower around the posts of the trellis, so he took care of it. The same man who would plant stuff wherever he thought he could, damn the lawnmower (just ask about the walnut tree I ran over three times, until he put rebar around the last one so I couldn't mow over it - drat it) and full speed ahead!

Rambling Woods said...

Thanks for letting me know you got the tote..I think I will have to get one myself...That is a beautifully perfect rose and you captured it well too....Michelle