Sunday, May 9, 2010

Travel Thoughts

I have been roaming the country since Thursday morning. The grandkids were a little perplexed that I wasn't at the house when they arrived yesterday evening. I called to say hello and once they got the pertinent information, they were satisfied.

"How did you get there?"
I rode in an airplane.

"What color was it?"
White. [silence] Should I look for another color?

"Try a red and black one."
OK. I'll look for one.

And that was it. That's what they wanted to know. The conversation was over.

I have photographs to show you, but I can't get this computer to read my memory card from the camera. I have a photograph of my brother's grave site. Dang! He has some serious real estate. It's a beautiful spot. I remember that day long ago in the middle of January. I looked out past the line of trees and thought it was stark, cold and sad. This time I looked into the cemetery from the line of trees and it was shaded and soft and green and almost happy. He's buried next to the pet cemetery, which I love. Naturally the photograph doesn't capture the feeling of the green grass and the rustling of the leaves on so many trees or the coolness of the shade.

Today I will go to another cemetery where many of the aged relatives hang out. Actually, there is at least one baby and one teenager there as well. The teenager isn't a member of the family, but I always think of her when I'm there.

A fair bit of my sorrow lives there, but it's best to be done.

I have a photo to show you that you will love. My mom's cat sleeps on a bed next to a window and has to have things just so. You'll see what I mean. For now that's all you get.

I took photos of old buildings trying to get all artistic and stuff. We'll see what you think. I was in the back seat of a moving car. Prepare to be amazed.

Funny, I thought I had something interesting to say after being away from you all for so many days. I hate when I'm wrong.

Have a good day!


Rambling Woods said...

I love the questions that kids ask.. Did you format the new card in the camera? You need to do that with every new card. Is it the right kind? I am sorry about this.. Have a good time and Happy Mother's Day to all...hugs...Michelle

A piece of news said...

Thanks, Michelle. I did OK with the card once I wasn't so tired.