Friday, September 3, 2010

Five for Friday - ripped off from another blog

I was short of ideas of my own, so I took 5 for Friday from another blog I read but do not comment on. So here you have my 5. Five what, you ask? Read on.

1. I ran my first 10-minute mile last night in the cool but humid air. When I finished I was sucking in air as fast as I could. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that I ate a bowl of butternut squash ravioli with fresh mozzarella cheese washed down with half a glass of red wine before lacing up my shoes.

That’s right: I didn’t even pause. I knew it was a mistake. But the good news is that my meal stayed right where I put it.

2: Number of times I was at a veterinarian’s office yesterday. I am going back again late this afternoon for a digital x-ray. No, I’m not getting an x-ray at the vet’s office. But it occurs to me I am overdue for my mammogram now that I mention ‘digital’ and ‘x-ray’ in the same sentence.

3. It’s Labor Day weekend and although I had planned all summer long on doing something this weekend, I have not lifted one single finger to invite anyone over. I haven’t the slightest idea who’s in town, either. We’ve had a change in weather here that makes the idea of reading my current book and sitting on the deck swing incredibly appealing. Annnnddd…when would that not be incredibly appealing?

4. I have something on my desk that reads, “The thing you’ve chosen to do is just about impossible. So when it gets hard, that’s to be expected.” Amen.

5. I was thinking yesterday that maybe my sick cat, Roscoe, needs an elimination diet because I (and his vet agrees) think he has food allergies. Specifically meat, but we didn’t pin down which meat. Back then, I found a food he could eat, but this year has been difficult for him and just recently he has lost quickly almost a third of his body weight. Since cats are obligate carnivores and they need to eat all of their prey, I had horrible visions of grinding up mice and birds! But last night I went to Kmart to get something and I saw that Whiskas (not a brand he would normally get) has food called Purrfectly Fish and it is just fish. Not much else besides the vitamins they need, but importantly, it looks like there aren’t any animal by-products from the plant – you know what I mean and if you don’t, Google it. Anyway, it’s gross because it comes out of the packet looking like fish. It really appears to be nothing but raw fish flesh.


But he hasn’t [knocks on wood] thrown up in 24 hours. I don’t know if that’s because he’s getting such miniscule amounts of food or because I’ve eliminated an allergen. I’ve been down this road with him before and 24 hours isn’t enough to make a success, but he is extremely hungry and I feel victorious just getting something to stay in his tummy.

As a public service announcement, let me tell you/remind you that cats cannot go without eating as long as dogs or people can. Cats quickly develop a liver issue that is treatable unless you wait too long. Then it is fatal. If your cat stops eating, take it to the vet without delay just in case!


Rambling Woods said...

My cat had to be tested for food allergies...There is a diet you can get from a vet that is made of duck and pees. They eat that for a period of time and then you introduce other foods to see what happens. It is pricey and my sister does work for Hills Science...but at least we knew that he was allergic to food..Do you have an allergist vet you can take him to?...Michelle

Rose said...

Poor kitty...I did not know that about liver issues from not eating...thanks for the info.