Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 Favorites - costume jewelry

I've seen something about 5 Favorites floating around the blog world, so I decided to join in. This morning I decided to talk a little about five favorite pieces of costume jewelry. This decision came mostly from my 7 blog posts from last week. It took a little planning to blog every single day for a week, but I really enjoyed it. So I wanted to have something to talk about today and this is what I decided to do.

This is a little pin from a small collection I have of pins by an artist name P. Heck. I have a few of her pins and I love all of them. I don't know if she is still making pins, but a Google search came up with not much. This is another pin and an indication of her work and therefore, of my collection.

I bought this who knows where once upon a time. Maybe Kohls, probably JCPenney, where I once got a ring stuck on my finger. This is my birthstone and it is a little sparkly thing too big to wear on my ring finger, so it goes on either the middle or index finger, depending on how funkified my mood is.

I got this little fellow from a boy in junior high school. I am sure I have blogged about it in the past, but I can't find anything to link to. The boy who gave it to me was younger than I, his name was Junior and he had a crush on my girlfriend. He was going to give the pin to her, but she didn't like him. So I got the pin - actually two pins, but I've only showed you one of them here. What I remember of my friend Cathy, Junior made the much better choice giving it to me. I have been grateful for his gift since 1978 - so much so that I still have it!

I found this for a song at a vintage shop run by a local designer. I bought it early last year and I have worn it with t-shirts and sweaters alike. I like the white and gold combination and especially like that it has two chains to further the color combination. Plus the double chain adds bulk to it, which is nice because it's pretty big. Even so, it sits at just the right spot and doesn't bounce around too much. Of course, I sit at a desk, so there isn't much bouncing around going on.

I like owls as much as the next girl, but I'm not a spree of collecting them. I found this a couple years ago on the clearance rack at Kohls and I bought it because I love the pink and green collection. It may have been right before the owl thing really kicked off. They were really inexpensive and I probably had a 30% off coupon. The body of the owl is articulated, much like the necklace above, so the owls wiggle when I move my head.

I must have a thing for wiggly owls and until just now, I didn't realize it.

Those are my five favorite pieces of costume jewelry. For now, anyway. I have a few more, maybe they'll be featured in the near future. That's what's fun about costume jewelry: you can change your mind even in the middle of an outfit.


Rambling Woods said...

You do the most interesting posts about stuff that allows people to get to know you.... Jewelry says a lot about a person.... And I love the stories behind them

Montanagirl said...

You do have some nice pieces there, and I like the story of how you got the cat pin and that you still have it! I wonder what that boy would think??

Rose said...

I like the kitties, of course! I used to wear jewelry but seldom wear anything but my puzzle ring and wedding band.

( I am still on a blogging break. Just taking a bit to check in.)