Monday, March 17, 2014

Road trip and circus

Saturday morning we took off bright and early. We drove through the middle of town and saw the most beautiful sunrise. Even the boys were impressed. Unfortunately, we all agreed the photo did nothing to convey the beauty.

We got going on time, which I counted as a victory. The boys feel asleep in shifts: victory. A family friend lent us a double-screen portable DVD player: victory.

Watching a movie:

Checking messages:

Sleeping. Poor thing didn't have a pillow:

It is difficult to get a photo of the oldest. He's hiding behind the pizza box lid. But here we are eating Vic Casano's pizza at grandma's house.

So that was the trip. It went really well and we made excellent time stopping only three times for gas and food. 


Rambling Woods said...

No fights? Not like when my sister and I were in the back seat.... Lol....

Caron said...

No fighting on the way there. Aaron tries to beat up on Ernest, but I take that in stride. The movies helped, but they didn't watch them at all on the way home.