Saturday, March 22, 2014

It's over and I'm home, sweet home

I slept like a rock last night. Then I got up, ate breakfast and got in the car to be in the sunshine and do some errands, but nothing taxing or obligatory. I bought bird seed. I bought watercolor painting paper because I've got this crazy idea that I'm an artist or something. I bought a loaf of bread.


I am currently drinking a beer and eating Cheez-its in a fit of feeling like I don't care what anybody thinks or what I think or what my summer might look like. Because it's still winter outside: 33 degrees and a wailing wind straight out of Canada.

I get to blame Canada for my chubby thighs on this summer's runs.

When all those chores were finished, I went to the library and they had another art exhibit. So I took photos for you.

Almost all of these are for sale:


 Hog House Clerestory

No name or price on this, so I am calling it, "Hook." 


Prairie Princess with Queen 

Stained Glass #3 


Wagon Trail 

This one also doesn't have a name.

In honor of the theme of today's post, take a minute and smile through this video from the Peterson Brothers of Kansas. And please please take note of their FANTASTIC wardrobe: Go 'Cats!! Woot!!


Montanagirl said...

The artwork is really cool, and that video had me smiling the whole way! Thank you for sharing that.

Rambling Woods said...

I like the art work.... Lol.... I too will blame Canada for my thighs