Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday windows and music for me

Sunday was my day. I went to the Dayton Art Institute's music room which I never knew was there. It's a beautiful old room with some large tapestries and a beautiful ceiling. There was soft lighting and a lot of warm wooden features. I have so many questions about the history of the building, but answers on the internet seem a little sparse. I always think some time I will find the time to dig in, but I haven't yet. The symphony stuffed themselves onto a small stage and featured solo performances by area high school students.

You would imagine these kids were mature professional musicians when you hear them play. It was a good concert. The lighting was such that I didn't get any good photos.

But after that concert, I had time to wander around the museum before heading to the next concert.

This is in the museum. I don't know why, but the building has a cloister. Wikipedia says: A cloister is a rectangular open space surrounded by covered walks or open galleries, with open arcades on the inner side, running along the walls of buildings and forming a quadrangle or garth.

So the entrance has a beautiful door. This is the inside.

 This is the door from the outside. It doesn't open right out to the cloister, but to more of a courtyard.

This is a photo of one of a series of three big windows looking out of a gallery onto Dayton. It always looks better in person. I've photographed it before

The Art Institute now has a nice restaurant. I ate there in December. There is a lot of natural light. 

 This window is in the building near the cloister. From what I've read, the museum was once a private home. Maybe there is more to the history of the place!

I left the Art Institute and drove over to the neighborhood my dad once lived in. At the church they have a historic organ, one of only two that survive from the early 20th century in Dayton. I think there were six back then. They're huge and lovely to look at. I wanted to see the church again and hear the organ, but I had no idea what I was in for.

I was sitting under this window. I didn't want to distract anyone with my flash. I took photos with my camera, but I'm in a hurry this morning. Whatever - the point is that the concert was out of this world. It was based, historically, off the 1920 organ dedication concert. I was amazed at the delicate notes and the softness such an organ, played by a real professional, can produce. The soprano solos were breathtaking and at the end of Schubert's Ave Maria, my heart was pounding! There was also violin solo, which was fantastic. 

I'm trying to get the three of them ready to leave for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which is at least 3 hours away. Now I have to go yell at someone. They move so slowly. Have a good day!


Montanagirl said...

Wonderful post - and those doors and windows are gorgeous!!

Rambling Woods said...

Beautiful.... I love Ava Maria....