Thursday, November 19, 2009

Creativity Night

I got to go to another Talented and Gifted program tonight with Aaron. We made a turtle that looks a little like roadkill (hush, now) You make a turtle out of toothpicks and raisins if it's so easy!!!!

The caterpillar is entirely my own invention. Yessir, I showed it off, too. Aaron took it home.


Today is Nature Notes and I am missing it for the first time. I know exactly what I wanted to discuss, but I have been swamped at work, trying to stay active, going to choir and sleeping (whining) so I am totally unprepared. I was even considering a haiku on my chosen topic, but my haiku skills are pretty weak. Let's practice:

Squirrels nest high
Dark dots in the blackened sky

Um yea. I'm stumped. Earlier today I had a 5-syllable line there but it's gone. I really like how the bare trees expose all those nests.

And lastly, in the midst of this whirlwind of living, my Uncle Gene died this afternoon. I can't say I will miss him, for many reasons we won't discuss (I only saw him once in the past 17 years). But I care about my cousins and losing a parent just plain sucks no matter what.


ramblingwoods said...

I am sorry that you're still feeling ill but glad you got to go to GT. I remember when my daughter was in GT and some of the interesting things that she did..I am all 4 making critters out of small edibles and toothpicks..this would have made for a nature notes post...nature.. feel better.. Michelle

Marvin said...

There's nothing wrong with the turtle that a little inflation wouldn't fix. Perhaps it should swing by the Shell station.

Howard Bagby said...

I liked the turtle. Anytime we stayed with my grandma when I was younger she would have us make things like that. That was a lot more fun than television.

Badass Geek said...

My wife lost a great-aunt this week. She was still sad even though she hadn't seen her in over 15 years. She was more sad for the rest of her family.

Aunt Becky said...

Losing anyone just sucks. I'm sorry.

What also sucks is trying to write Haiku's. I'm terrible with those.

dsmcaron said...

you guys make me laugh!