Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's another Saturday night

Remember that song? I didn't know the right words to that song for a long time. But that isn't why I'm here tonight. I'm here tonight to tell you that I make the best soup in the world.

Today I made sausage and kale soup, which is the soup you get at Olive Garden. It's delicious and easy to make. It's easy to eat, too. I'm on my second dish.

I have three big sweet potatoes in the oven baking right now. I'm going to make a yummy sweet potato soup tomorrow. I make a lot of soup every winter. I also bought the ingredients for beef stew, so watch out!

On the topic of movies (I'm so glad you brought that up), this afternoon I watched Here Comes the Groom with Bing Crosby and Jane Wyman. It was very good, not superb, but very good. The ending was the most fun in the whole movie. This guy is a bachelor and he takes two French children home from post-war France, but the law says he has only five days to marry or the kids have to go back. Seems even then they thought it was strange for bachelors to take children home.

Right now I am watching a movie called Rafter Romance. Ginger Rogers is in this one from 1933. She was a very good actress and she excelled at humor. This must have been an early attempt. She's OK, but not par. This movie seems to be a version of Pillow Talk. What I like about old romantic comedies is how they are all the same. Every one of them has material in something that came before. Really, Pride & Prejudice, The Taming of the Shrew, It Happened One Night, even a less-known, not-so-great movie called Rafter Romance all feed the romcom work Hollywood does now. I think that's sort of neat, but I guess there's nothing really new under the sun.

What old movie or romantic movies do you enjoy? Or tell me what sort of soup I should make this winter.


Howard Bagby said...

I like most of the movies that Bob Hope made. My favorites are The Road To Morocco and The Lemon Drop Kid. I am not a big fan of romantic comedies but I really enjoy It Happened One Night.
I don't do a lot of cooking. When it comes to soups most come from a can. The exception to that is potato soup.

Rambling Woods said...

I love soup, but I seldom make it as hubby isn't a big fan...I do love to watch old movies and am drawing a complete blank on what the titles are of the ones I

Cindy said...

I just made a fabulous soup. In a big pan on medium heat add: two cans of stewed tomatoes, one can of chicken bouillon, one diced, cooked onion, two spicy sausages sliced, two chicken thighs, cooked, boned and cut up (I buy cooked chicken from Dahls and take the meat off the bone.) 1/2 cup uncooked rice, one or two ribs of celery, cut up, several carrots, cut up. Add chili powder till it's as spicy as you want. Heat till rice is cooked. Add bouillon to thin if needed. WOW!

Rose said...

Husband made chili soup today--I am not admitting how many bowls I have had so far! I could eat soup every day and be happy.

I love old movies, but right now I am drawing a blank to my favorite. We just watched The Grapes of Wraith, which I think is good. Not comedy of course. Oh, we watched For Whom the Bell Tolls..another good one.

arrowbert said...

You know the movie "Rafter Romance" is one of the "pre-Code" films, so there are many things in it that would not have passed the Hays Office just few months or so hence (I'm talking about the premise of the movie, the dressing/undressing scenes/some of the dialogue, etc). Others of that genre from RKO Studios are "Stingaree", and "Double Harness" (that one's also good). I LOVE romantic comedies of the 1940s (especially the War years), but am now discovering the ones from the 30s. I like to think of my grandpa and grandma watching them in either Pratt or Byers, Kansas (before they married in 1939).

As far as soup goes, I love potato soup. Ours has only four ingredients - peeled potatoes, slivered onion all boiled together in salted water and drained, then add butter and milk. This was (and is) one of the fave ones in the family and cheap to boot. I also love my vegetarian veggie soup. Just use V-8 juice thinned with some veggie broth for the base, then add whatever veggies you have on hand (if you use any canned, drain them first). Really good on a cold night.

Also, there's vegetarian chili. Brown a package of Boca crumbles (or any of the other meatless crumbles) in some olive oil. Add a can of tomatoes (either with or without spices), a good bit of William's chili seasoning, and a can each of dark red kidney and pinto beans (drained and rinsed). Heat through and scarf down. Of course, you can make more (you should if you want leftovers around here) and have it the next day.

Blah, blah, blah. How I do go on...(Harriet the Spy :o)

arrowbert said...

And, since Ginger Rogers is from Independence (and she was SO gracious to all of us who waited in line for more than 4 hours to see her. I didn't get to see her, BUT she gave all of us waiting her home address so we could ship stuff to her. She not only signed everything, she also paid the return postage. And she was only supposed to be at the signing for two hours. Unlike some political figures and celebs who can't be bothered to stay the whole time they're scheduled, she was a true star and a real lady) I love her movies (for the most part).