Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On my way to class

I am on my way to class. As you clearly already know if you read the title of this post. I work in the department of redundancy department. Tonight is the second class for the Irish language group I've cooked up. I hope people show up again.

Maggie went to the doctor and the drainage tube was removed. The wound looked heinous [huge, bloody, bright read hole in a tiny cat butt] last night, but much better today. She hasn't done anything but sleep, which is what is best for her recovery.

As for me, I laugh in the face of sleep apparently. I fell asleep early last night and then around midnight, my brained switched on and I couldn't really get back to sleep. I should have gotten up and gone swimming, but I thought I could get - what? like an extra 20 minutes of SLEEP in a sleepness night? Why does my brain do things like that? I would have been better off going to the pool.

We both know it.

I was reading one of those running blogs with the food and the photos and all the [WHY DON'T I RUN 18 MILES] competitive testosterone any group of women can muster. One of them is offering the 2nd annual Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge from November 23 to January 8. You get points for things like every mile you run and every 15 minutes of cardio and every day you eat at least 7 servings of fruits and vegetables and so on. But I immediately felt defeated. How to compete for prizes against a group of women who

1. have time and inclination to photograph what they eat every day
2. run 18 miles every weekend
3. have gym memberships
4. weight train and remember to do their yoga (I think about yoga a lot)
5. the leader of this pack now lives in Florida

OK, number 5 is just me whining. I now live in the dark cave of the upper Midwest. I want to compete, but I am not sure I want to be any more humble than I already am. Why take on a competition in which I have zero chance of doing anything except bringing up the rear?

So I feel left out and I want all my normal friends to say we'll do our own (realistic, watered-down, less insane, more likely) challenge so they don't gain weight over the holidays. Actually, in real life all my friends are normal. I think most of my blog readers are normal, too. I don't have friends who run 18 miles.

Oh, crap. Does that mean I'm the one who isn't normal?

I'm off to teach people a language I don't really know very well. BWAHAHAHAHAHA


UrbanIdeas said...

How did class go?

Rambling Woods said...

Nah...rest assured that I am not a normal person..LOL... Is the new normal running 18 miles and then photographing what you eat? Set your own goals that are meaningful (and sane) for you and the heck with everyone else. Can you tell who else isn't sleeping well?....Michelle

Howard Bagby said...

Some people take exercise way too seriously. As far as photographing your food, I'd pass there to. They are ones who are not normal.

Badass Geek said...

I always thought it'd be fun to teach a language. Oh, the fun I'd have, teaching them dirty words and phrases.

dsmcaron said...

Class went very well. Two new people and everyone showed up again! Woo hoo!

I can tell you were up late Michelle. I am also relieved that we're the normal ones!

Howard, you make me feel better. I thought for sure everyone wanted to see my toast and oatmeal. ;)