Sunday, November 15, 2009

I feel better! I post about heartburn!

I sang in the choir at church for the first time this morning. My throat was full of ... I mean, my head was, no wait, I mean it is sort of a little strange to sing when you need to ... well, none of that is exactly right for polite company. Let's just say I don't have to blow my delicate nose anymore.

So I sang in the choir and there are only four other women: two sopranos and two altos. And me? I'm with the men singing tenor.

I sat next to an alto in practice two weeks ago and for all I knew, she could have been scraping paint off the ceiling in the Sistene Chapel. Those were some seriously high notes and I was really confused, thinking for sure she had said alto and I was left wondering why she was singing soprano. Then I listened for the sopranos and EGADS! Those women sing so high it makes my throat ache. Seriously, it makes my throat constrict. It makes me insane.

So I am a little self-conscious about singing tenor like a moron girl who has NO idea what she's doing ( the truth hurts ) and what is the first thing anyone says to me afterward?

"Were you singing tenor up there?"

Thank you for noticing.

So I spent the entire day with my girlfriend and although I wanted to go for a long walk, shop and go swimming, we ended up shopping, eating and drinking. And now? Now I have heartburn. Do you know that for my entire adult life I didn't know what heartburn was? And now? I have had it all day. Potatoes give me heartburn. Overeating does, too. Score points for both today.

I never really thought this would ever happen to me. Heartburn, I mean.

And on that burning note, I bid you good night.


Rambling Woods said...

You run and you can sing. Darn girl you have talent...sorry about the heartburn...

Anonymous said...

Ooh - heartburn is so not fun. Hope you got it under control quickly. I'd send you a virtual zantac, but really? Virtual stuff doesn't do jack.

Anyway, feel better.