Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nature Notes Thursday and Signs of the Season

Visit Michelle at the bat-flappyNature Notes Thursday Meme for the sweetest baby photos you've seen all day.

This is one of four hotels for small grey (or brown!) birds. My magnificent peony bushes are left all dried up for the winter. They are swarmed with small birds all winter long.

I tried to write Haiku, but got blocked by the stupid Blogger problems with spacing even though I went into the html and fixed it. I hate that.

blogger space

double space is not what I want

fix it or I scream

OK, that is a bit aggressive for Nature Notes. Here's my grace in small things:

1. feral cat houses to keep them warm in the winter

2.bird feeders

3.heated bird baths

4.peony bush hotels


Marvin said...

Little gray birds we have in abundance -- little brown birds, too. No freeze dried peony, but plenty of other suitable shelter.

(Screaming at Blogger doesn't help. Even profane screaming is useless.)

Anonymous said...
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Badass Geek said...

Heated bird baths? They make such a thing?

Carver said...

I know the birds appreciate having somewhere to overwinter. That's great that you have heated bird baths. On cold winter days I am constantly trying to dump out ice blocks and add fresh water for the birds.

Anonymous said...

Your gray and brown birds are probably house sparrows Caron. But that peony bush will be a wonderfully warmish place for insects to overwinter and for birds to search for those insects to eat.. Lovely post for Nature Notes.. Thank you... Michelle

moosh said...

I think you are very nice to the birds. I liked you Hakui.

Anonymous said...

Your recent posts are cracking me up.

I too struggled with blogger before going to the dark side - Wordpress. Much better, and only the occasional spacing issue.

Nice haiku

Gel said...

aw, "hotels"- tiny birds need that protection! We have a forest in our backyard and many birds hide in spots I wish my camera could magically see into, but I'm happy the birdies are protected. Sorry about your problems with Blogger.

Crafty Green Poet said...

how nice that the little birds have this place for the winter!

I have those problems with spacing on Blogger too sometimes....

dsmcaron said...

Profane screaming is useless? dangit. I wish I'd known!!

Heated bird baths, yes they do.

Birds and insects are all welcome. nom, nom, nom

Wordpress - I tried (for a few seconds), but I didn't know what I was doing. I have used blogger since 2000 and don't remember this problem from the past. Felt dumb, moved on.

Stine in Ontario said...

It never occurred to me that birds might live in my dried up peonies. Hmmm. I think most of the birds in my yard are in the cedar hedges or the Colorado spruces.

I love the idea od heating a birdbath!