Friday, November 6, 2009

My Maggie got a bite on the butt

This is Maggie about a week ago: much better days for little Maggie. She is a small cat, but she is a full-grown pygmy adult cat. She can be a snuggly sweetheart and an evil terrorist. Something bad happened to her yesterday. We put two and two together pretty quickly around here. We're into cats around here.

Last night Maggie didn't eat and she seemed like she was in a bad mood. OK, that's not entirely out of the ordinary. But this morning, she was nowhere to be seen and wouldn't come when called. When I found her, it was evident she wasn't well. We've been down this road before and quickly diagnosed the problem. Read on, dear reader:

This photo is my girl's booty. Very sad. She got a bite from another cat. It had to have happened when we were at work. She was bitten last November, too. I hope this isn't a trend in the making. It's an expensive trend. And I can't look at her without cringing and wincing and feeling my tummy flop.

She has a long drainage tube sutured into her haunch. OUCH AND OUCH. That will help it drain and to keep her from chewing on it and pulling it out, she's in a cone. Poor, poor Maggie. She just can't make it work. She walks straight into a wall and just stands there.

It's funny, but it's sad. See those big eyes?


Rambling Woods said...

Oh my did that happen? Is she an outdoor cat? That poor little thing. That has got to hurt and the added indignity of the collar. I don't think either of my cats would want that at all. I hope she recovers well. A rehabber friend of mine says that cat bites are really bad for any animal that gets one because the hole then closes up keeping the bacteria in...Michelle

Nicole said...

Ouch, poor thing.
But they never learn, do they?
Hope she gets well soon!

dsmcaron said...

Michelle, I was so tired when I wrote that post. I realize I was a bit sketchy on details. Maggie is an indoor cat, but she can be annoying to her older siblings.

The eldest cat, Lily, got out of the house many years ago and she ended up with a bite in the same place. But the doctor didn't add that tube to drain things and that bite ended up costing me $1000. That's reason enough to act quickly, but yes it is true these bites are really awful.

I once got bit by one of the cats when he was startled awake by an electric spark (shock) in a blanket and my doctor was a little freaked out.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh wow.. she must have been gotten on somebody's feline nerves. I used to have two cats that hated one another and there were fights. My two now fight a bit, but there aren't any injuries. But really if you are going to fight sharp claws and fangs are the way to go...

Rose said...

I'm cringing with you! We are into cats around here, too, so I feel your pain.