Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My, my, my it's a beautiful world I like drinking Irish tea

I got a tea pot for Christmas this year. It came with those little packages you see in the photo below. They're supposed to blossom in the hot water into little sea monkeys that make you a cup of tea.

I like my tea to be able to stand up and fight like a man, so herbal tea isn't something I drink a lot of. But this sort of science experiment is right up my alley, so I brought the entire package to work so as to share the joy of science with the coworker who cannot get away from me. She has a name, but I think she needs a blog name. Newgirl, what should your blog name be? Grande?

Here's a close up of the guilded lotus (sic). Apparently there is a lotus cartel somewhere in the world. Perhaps the secret society of tea flowers. Maybe this was stolen from the international lotus trade union.

I think they meant gilded lotus. I hate to be a jerk about these things.

Here is Grande humoring me and putting the hottest water we have into the pot. See how excited she is? She's totally humoring me. Remind me to leave her something in my will.

Getting down to business. Or rising to the top. Filling it to the rim with Brim.

It looked ... um ... unappetizing. We persevered and threw it in there as you can see. But I felt a little skeptical this thing was going to flower into the drug cartel lotus of bright shining gold pictured on the package.

Everyone at work getting into the act. We know excitement when we see it.

After a few minutes, it looked like a sea urchin had been reconstituted in the tea pot. But clearly something was happening and it looked like colored hot water.

The end result is that I drank it all. It was pretty much herbal tea: colored hot water with a little flavor to it. If it got into a fight with my sassy, ass-kicking Irish tea imported from Ireland, it would lose. But the Irish don't like to fight, right?

Sassy Irish tea pictured below. When I make this stuff, I never remove the tea bag from the cup. I like 'em strong.

Beautiful World by Colin Hay gave me the blog title today. Thanks, man. 

My, my, my it's a beautiful world
I like drinking Irish tea
With a little bit of Lapsang Souchong
I like making my own tea


Rose said...

Oh, Gosh, I MUST be getting old to not recognize that title...it has not been that long ago that we 'discovered' Colin Hay and that was one of the songs we liked...or should I say re-discovered cause I liked Men At Work a long, long time ago. Hey there is nothing as exciting as watching a pot boil...unless it is watching tea steep!

Anonymous said...

Um, well. Hmmm... blog name TBD as the creativity I usually exude is hiding behind last weeks cold/flu still. Weeks? Week's? Is the week possessive of the cold/flu? I digress... HA! Now who do I sound like?!

Rambling Woods said...

I am not that into tea unless I am sick....so I am toasting you with some earl grey with honey.... Michelle

Caron said...

Does this mean you are sick? No way!