Friday, January 31, 2014

One day last week - a riveting post of mediocrity in photographs

One morning last week, I was eating toast and drinking coffee while reading my favorite paper, the Wall Street Journal. Here's the set up: I'm eating, drinking, listening to music and reading. 

I saw an article titled, "Very Candid Camera: My Shirt is Snapping a P..." I don't know if it said photo or picture, but you get the idea. If you want to read it, click here. At first I thought it would be creepy and the author says with the little white camera he felt like a creep. He liked the bigger black camera you see in the article below for a number of reasons, but I don't want to ruin the ending for you. 

Because I am annoying, I thought, "Hey, I could do that!" Except I very quickly realized, with mirrors all around, that a photo of what was literally in front of me would not do.

So here is my getting ready angle shot. I did turn and look at this, if that matters. I listen to old radio shows in the morning and am currently going through the Phillip Marlowe series. It's taking forever, but it's good.

In case you haven't heard, it's been cold in this country. Here in the upper Midwest, Canada has been oversharing. Again. This is my commute: everything is the same color, eh? 

Because there is no one in my office willing to offer me valet parking, I have to walk through the parking lot. In nine years, I've only fallen once. It was last month. There was NO ice anywhere except where someone might have thrown out some liquid from the bottom of a bottle or something along those lines and GUESS WHO FOUND IT? 

We have a client that makes these wonderful pastry items and we get a case of frozen pastries every now and then. We recently got one and someone takes them home and bakes them for our enjoyment. Here is an almond pastry. It isn't my favorite. I don't think I ate the filling in this one. I like almond filling, but it wasn't working. Whatever. 

Oh and those are my coworkers in fancy hats. Although I did not pick the hats for them. 

After eating my second meal of the day, I drove to my library. There was a meeting I was going to for a networking group and they just happened to pick my lovely library.

I was trying to walk and be not-obnoxious while I went to circulation to turn in my reading program slip. That led to this blurry photo. Spying is out for me, I'm afraid. This is the very moment I got the Global Warming Pen! I wonder if she would have posed for me...

This is what was left of the dainty lunch I served myself. I was one of the first people through the line and I didn't want to pile up the BBQ pork.

The food came from a local restaurant that now runs the cafe that is in the library. It looks like this: 

I went back to the office and saw my coworkers for the first time. Grande, the tall girl, is laughing because I am fabulously entertaining. She's a gem. 

While I was gone, the office had catering from Chipotle in for lunch. This is all that was left. I managed to eat too much of it, but it was delicious. Also, hello Mom! I am playing Words With Friends here for my mother. 

 After work, I saw a truck from a company called Prudent Produce, which made me ponder the prudent nature of produce, but I pondering past the point of posting a picture. It drove on.

We went with friends to a friendly French restaurant with our bottle of German wine. I memorized the menu trying to decide what I could get other than what I always get, but I ordered what I always get:

After we almost closed the place down, I got home and played games with my mother again. This was my view: 

No, that isn't a wild animal. It's just Annabelle.

So there is my day. What did I learn that day? That I need to stop eating so much. So this week I have begun counting my calories again. Right now I'm starving because I'm saving up for tonight's steak dinner.


Rose said...

I cannot get past the fact that your library has a cafe! I have read that, read it again, and yet again. I am reading that right, aren't I? That would be so wonderful.

Rambling Woods said...

Made me smile and I needed that...thank you