Sunday, September 20, 2009

The first marathon post

Here I am inside the National Air Force Museum. It was cold outside, but then I would be cold if it was 70 degrees with a breeze. The traffic getting on base was c.r.a.z.y. because they were letting one car at a time through the gate. I'm pretty excited here having just gotten out of the girls' room, which of course all of you know had a line formed halfway to the Wright Brother's bike shop. In this photo, please note my Goodwill pink velour jacket with stain. Very warm. This came in handy. I kept it for quite awhile after I took it off for just in case because last year I discarded my hat too soon.

This photo isn't very big, but if you look in the center of the picture, I'm right behind the guy in the orange t-shirt. Close up, you can see that I am either sucking on my teeth, biting my lip or talking to myself (I do that) (a lot), so I sort of look like I don't have a chin.
I have a photo of me crossing the finish line, but the one I downloaded isn't the right one. If any of you have experience with Blogger, you may understand why (but I don't) it isn't easy to insert a photo into this pre-planned post. So imagine, if you will, a very excited me running over the finish line! When you see the next photo, you will understand that although you are missing the excitement!, you are missing precious little else. Runners don't look that good when they're done running and pasty white girls look a little worse for the wear:

But I am very excited and that shows. I am wearing my medal, as evidenced by the blue ribbon around my neck that says I am also wearing a towel, a long one that says SAVE THE DATE for next year's marathon (I'd really like to plan on it) and I am wearing one of those metallic blankets. Last year, after my 26.2 mile hike, I didn't keep that on long enough and I almost passed out. I kept it on for quite some time on Saturday and although I was sweating underneath it, I felt cool and calm. Moments after the photo above, though, I did have to sit down immediately because my brain said, "Hey stoopid, sit down NOW" and so having learned a few lessons in the past year, I sat down crossed legged and leaned over my ankles. Bliss. Then I got up and tried to drink the Nesquick. They are fabulous sponsors and I dearly love sponsors who help make these expensive events get off the ground (Air the ground...clever). Chocolate milk is my favorite recovery drink after I drink water. But Nesquick just doesn't taste like chocolate milk to me. I ate a banana, which is just the smart thing to do even if you don't like bananas. I didn't get any pizza. That's a pizza van in the background. Lots of pizza. Pizza has never sounded so disgusting to me as it did Saturday morning.

I have a few other photos and some general information about the marathon for tomorrow. I think it is interesting. But naturally tonight I am still reveling in my fabulousity. I think people expect you to get over yourself pretty quickly, so thanks for letting me fabulous for awhile longer.


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