Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Rhubarb Friday?

I didn't work out tonight. I didn't walk or swim or do yoga or push ups. I ate, drank and cooked. Nary a marathon in sight.

I nibbled so much there is no way in the world I can eat what is heating up in the oven. Not a chance. I'm as full as ... well, let's just say I've had enough.

OK, regarding the post title, it isn't technically Friday. By the time most of you get on here, it will be Friday and so I thought I could be clever, but then someone on the West Coast will visit in an hour and be confused.


My blog has lately turned into a bit of a rhubarb-cam and I'm sorry about that. You would think I have nothing to say. Here are some random thoughts.

I have decided to wear my hair mostly curly and skip the straightening for awhile. That means I needed a haircut, so I got one. See for yerself.
Yes, everyone, you can also have a box on your head. Admit it. It looks like a box. Or a beach ball. Sigh.

This is me. From the front. With the hair. Still looks like a box. I'm over it. I tilt my head backwards in pictures. A lot. Anybody have any advice?
Here's what I really, really have to say:
1. SO sorry about all the rhubarb lately. I hope you don't mind.
2. Wow, I love every single comment I get. I don't know if my commenting in the comments is of interest to you because I don't know if you ever come back to see if I have responded, but oh my gosh I love doing it because it's conversation! Dialogue! That is so cool.
3. I have been trying to behave at work and while I visit your blogs while I'm there (shhhh), I am trying not to go to mine and draw glaring attention. Then I get home and by the time I've caught up on Mafia Wars and three Scrabble games, go for a walk, take a bubble bath...well, you get the picture. I'm lazy. I told you this earlier.
I love, love, love all the comments. They make me smile and laugh and they make me happy. If I had rhubarb cake and Metamucil coffee cups for everyone, you would so be getting them in the mail.


Caron said...

RHUBARB. I need a haiku.

It's a veg-a-table.

Did you know that?

Aunt Becky said...

Your hair is making me seethy with envy!

Badass Geek said...

I like the haircut! Granted, I don't have a reference picture of you with straight hair, but the curly version looks good!

Rambling Woods said...

Caron...I think you hair is beautiful. Mine is think and wavy, but I would love curly. I always check the box next to the comments to get the responses. But probably many people don't ever get the response.. Michelle

Nel said...

Your hair! I love your hair!

That is what mine used to look like until I became a big fat idiot and got it chemically relaxed. Now, it is just as poofy but not curly. And I have to straighten it every day. And it makes me want to cry every day.


And WOO HOO for commenters!

Caron said...

Thanks, everyone! You wouldn't be jealous if you had it, trust me. But then that doesn't make anyone feel better, does it?

Nel, that is awful. As much as I get lippy with the hair stuff, I would be very sad to have the pouf without the curl.

Rose said...

I wish we had a combination of your and my hair! Mine will not hold even a hint of a curl if it has not been permed or just has to be changed. I am not joking or exaggerating at all. and if I don't curl it, and I don't all the just looks so blunt and fresh cut...even if it has been a month since it was cut.

dsmcaron said...

Rose, I always wanted to have straight hair like that. One grandma had it wicked straight and the other had these waves. My hair is wavy, but I break up the waves and they curl just fine. But with straight hair, I imagine being able to shake my hair and have it swing back and forth and then it all falls back into place.

It isn't much of a fantasy, but I've been dreaming about that since I was a kid!

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful! And this line from your post made me laugh:

Then they went home and I looked around and realized it looks like someone hasn't cleaned the house in awhile. I went to bed.

Caron said...

Juice, Thank you!

You thinking that is funny made me laugh out loud at myself. ha! And it really is what I did, too. Just looked around and went, "Hunh."