Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nature Notes Thursday

Visit Michelle at the lovely Nature Notes Thursday Meme for beautiful photos of the world around us.

This week saw the beginning of autumn, which is a pleasant time of year. On the last day of summer we got rain after more than a month without, so although it is only a cell phone photo, here is a photo from my ride to work that makes it looks like I live in a small farm town even though I live in a huge suburb of Des Moines.

You could hear the lawn, shrubs, flowers and trees gulping great swallows of water like a kid coming off the biggest slide at the water park.

At work this week and last I have seen outside my office window a hummingbird and two herons. Again...suburbs of Des Moines. I love my office window. I once had a job candidate who said he hated his last job because they stuck him in a cubicle. He joked about my window, which spans the width of my office. We always had something to say when we worked on his job search and at Christmas that year I came back from lunch to a gift bag on my desk. The card said, "To Caron" and inside was a package of Windex wipes.

I knew exactly who left that for me!

I want to include this on Nature Notes Thursday. I saw something on another web site and I followed the link to a social networking site, which I do not want to participate in. But I like the premise: Grace in small things/Waging a battle against embitterment since 2008. They just list small things for which they are grateful. I will keep in "nature" in nature. (I crack myself up)

Grace in small things
1. Rain
2. Garbanzo beans
3. Rhubarb
4. Herons
5. Windows


Leora said...

Garbanzo beans? I feel like I just go to know you a little better.

"Grace in small things/Waging a battle against embitterment since 2008." Yes, I like that. Herons are wonderful. I would put my maroon mum on my list.

Carver said...

Great post. There is nothing like rain after too much time without.

Stine said...

Lovely post. I so understand about the rain as it has been dry in Ontario too. I'm surprised you're a city dweller as you seem to be quite in touch with what's happening in nature.

Lara said...

It really IS the small things in life that make people happy. I'm LOL @ the window wipes. Those are fantastic :)

(PS. Thanks for delurking and letting me read your thoughts! I'm always looking for new thoughts from new "friends" :) )

Anonymous said...

I love the windex gift. So appropriate!

Envious of your hummingbird sighting. I don't see any birds in my cube! :)

Rose said...

I like that 'grace in small things.' I hope I can remember it for the future.

Susan at Stony River said...

Living with near-constant rain has left me hating it, but now you're making me think about what life would be without it---especially when I hear of Australia's dust storms and Hawaii's brush fires over the past few weeks.

Ok, I've put it on my list of 'grace in small things' too: I even wrote down five things I like about it, like the smell of damp earth that follows. Thanks!

LOL at the window wipes!

ramblingwoods said...

Lovely post Caron...I too am interested in the garbanzo beans. I hadn't heard of the 'small things" and am going to check it out... Michelle