Monday, September 21, 2009

USAF marathon, part 2

This Wright Brothers type bi-plane flew over the course all morning over Huffman Prairie, which is where the Wright Brothers got some flying work done. Very historic!

The Northrup Grumman Global Hawk was the marathon mascot. Doesn't it look like a flying whale? The guy from Northrup Grumman who gave a speech at the marathon pasta dinner was funny and gave a very enjoyable speech. He joked that he couldn't get permission to get a Global Hawk flyover, but at 60,000 feet, we probably would have missed it anyway!
This is me straight off the shuttle bus and cold.
After the pasta dinner, the museum was open. I noticed something I hadn't seen before and that's saying something since I got to the National Air Force Museum pretty much once a year. The added a hangar devoted to the Cold War. It's interesting and the DEFCON stuff is on the floor. That's me in a skirt by DEFCON 5.

Heh heh.
At the dinner, Dave McGillivray spoke. Did I already tell you that? His story is very interesting. He is the race director of the Boston Marathon.

I see now I could have cropped and fixed a few of these photos, but it is late and I am tired. I had my first swimming lesson today and I learned a few things, so it was a good experience.


Alice Audrey said...

It looks more like a squid than a whale to me, but that still makes it a sea creature.

Jack said...

I am just impressed that thing can fly- pretty cool.

dsmcaron said...

Yes, it flies at 60,000 feet. I don't know what a squid looks like, but yes a sea creature is the look of it.

Rambling Woods said...

It does look like it should be in the ocean not up in the sky. Don't worry about photos. You can drive yourself nuts about them..I like your style of writing... Michelle