Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hey, it's Tuesday

How did I not post on Monday? I suppose because I posted late on Sunday. But here's the point: I have a cupboard in my kitchen devoted almost entirely to coffee. Why? I hear you asking. There's no reason to deny your curiousity.

Here's why. We have more coffee cups than anyone I know. I try to get rid of them, but they mer-ack-kwoo-luss-ly find their way back into the cupboard because of course we cannot bear to be parted from them.

Well, perhaps you can't tell, but they are barely in there. Plus, there are coffee cups in the wine glasses and coffee cups on the bottom shelf where the coffee lives. It's for the coffee and the filters. Why does everything have to be crowded? It's despairing. It certainly is.

What surprises me (because I am a demur, retiring sort of gal) is how many friends and family LOVE this coffee cup. It never fails to get a chuckle.

It makes me blush.


Badass Geek said...


allthingsjuice said...


I have a cupboard devoted to coffee and I don't even make it! But I keep supplies for when the 'rents come to visit.

If I'm having coffee someone named Barrista is making it for me.

Aunt Becky said...


Rose said...

You are going to laugh...or maybe chuckle. But I have picked out some coffee cups to get rid of. Because my shelves are too crowded. Been thinking about doing a post about crowded kitchen cabinets in general, though, and not just coffee cups.

Rambling Woods said...

LOL...I too have a lot of cups.. They do sort of accumulate..but that one is a classic...