Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nature Notes Thursday

Visit Michelle at the lovely Nature Notes Thursday Meme for beautiful photos of the world around us.

So on one hand, I'm getting tired of my point and shoot because it is so limiting. I'm not a photographer and I don't aspire to be one, but I did once have a Canon Rebel with a zoom lens...well, I still have it, right...and it took fabulous photos. I loved it. I didn't have to know what I was doing.

I took this afternoon off and I sat in the backyard for awhile, but not one animal or bird would come near me, even if I had a zoom lens, no one was close enough. But it was very nice to sit quietly outside in the shade of a pine tree and watch the sparrows fly around out of my lens' reach.

Getting around to watering everything, I noticed that things are beginning to die off. My Gerbera Daisies are a favorite of mine and so here is my shot today: Life and death in one pot. Pretty, pretty flowers surrounded by dead and dying leaves. Those flowers are giving all it they've got, aren't they? GO DAISY! GO DAISY!


Carver said...

Your daisies are beautiful. I also like to sit and watch the birds.

ROSIDAH said...

I would love to sit in the shades of a pine tree and enjoying mother nature's beauty. You have beautiful Daisies. GO DAISY! GO! Have a wonderful week :)

MyMaracas said...

It sounds like you had a great day, even if the critters wouldn't cooperate. I know exactly what you mean about your camera. Mine is a point and shoot too, and it just doesn't do distance. Or low light. It's frustrating to watch that great shot scamper off, just out of range.

Looks like your daisies really are doing their best to hang in to the bitter end, bless 'em.

Nature Notes. said...

Lovely gerbera daisies.. I had some in container plants that gave up in August and I do love them so!!!! It's nice to just sit and soak in the nature...

I have a Canon rebel and go back to my Canon powershot all the time because it has more automatic features... Michelle

dsmcaron said...

It was very nice to sit a spell, especially since I wasn't at work and was about to begin a long car ride.

Oh, you like your old Canon, too. Lovely! I am in very good company then!