Saturday, September 5, 2009


It's official. My house is a wreck.

My two-year-old granddaughter had to piddle, so we went into the bathroom and she spied the new step stool I bought for them. It sits on the floor next to the vanity. She pulled it out and said, "Grandma, it's hairy."

It was dusty and it did have a little hair on it (what can I say? I shed like a dog cat girl with lots of thick hair.

I cleaned it up while she took care of her business and she, her brother and her cousin went into screaming circles of joy as I stood in the kitchen wondering why I didn't realize my house had a circular traffic pattern. Kids love those. Don't I know it.

Around and around and around...through the kitchen each and every time.

Then they went home and I looked around and realized it looks like someone hasn't cleaned the house in awhile. I went to bed.

This morning I am going to work at Meals from the Heartland. It's a really neat program that feeds hungry people and it is based right here in Iowa. I've tasted the food that gets sent far and wide and I like it. If you are interested or want to know what I'm doing this morning that doesn't involve walking or (ahem) cleaning my house, check it out at

On the web site there is a camera aimed at the floor and it stopped last night close to midnight showing the big hall empty and silent. It won't be like that for long, I'm sure. They have thousands of volunteers. I have to leave the house in about 40 minutes and I haven't even tried to get a comb through this hair. I'd better skedaddle.


Rose said...

My bathroom scales seems to grow hair, too! I am glad I am not the only one, though I don't work so don't have an excuse.

dsmcaron said...

I went crazy yesterday afternoon cleaning the house. Today? Hair all over the bathroom. I made the mistake of washing and combing my hair before church. Silly me.