Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Taking my lunch to work

It is 10 o’clock in the morning and I have eaten 90% of the lunch I brought with me. I’ve always been like that. I ate breakfast, then I got to work and ate dessert with my coffee. Then I wiped out the leftover black bean & corn salad in a mason jar. Now the only reason I haven’t heated up and finished off the sweet potato soup is because it is still frozen.

I got on a kick making all sorts of food and freezing it in the past month or so. Now I have all sorts of things to choose from. I had gotten a big package of cheap “steak” from the store and threw it in the fridge to marinate for too long awhile then popped them in the freezer. I took one out yesterday and because it marinated too long awhile, it is sort of salty. Too salty to eat straight up, so I made the most amazing tacos to date. I cooked up the meat until it was just pink in the center (this was more a happy accident than a strategy as I fail am not good at cooking meat to order), heated up corn tortillas, swiped sour cream in thon tortillas, piled on the black bean and corn salad and three strips of meat. All this was washed down with one Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat beer.

I had to restrain myself, but was only successful in the beer department. I ate all the tortillas I had left in the package.

I have ribs in the freezer and I think that’s next up although my Better Idea Department is loudly proclaiming that this is a project for the weekend.

Yesterday I finished off my favorite food: chutney. I had no more than a teaspoon left in the jar, but I got another jar as a birthday present. So naturally it was time to let go of the last vestiges of what I had so there was an appropriate excuse to open the new jar. I dug out what was there for an English muffin with PB, then I dug out the rest with my spoon. And then? You’ve probably guessed by now that I stuck my finger in the jar and licked as much as I could before throwing the jar in the dishwasher. It’s a nice jar. The woman we met at the 5k on Sunday does something with her husband and kids: they keep all the safety pins from their bibs in a glass jar. I think I may do that with this jar. The safety pins need a place to live anyway, right?

I counted up and I need 36 pins to put in my jar. That means in just one year I have done 9 events. How cool am I?

Don’t answer that.


Aunt Becky said...

Dude. You rule. I wish I could eat right now. Stupid Topamax.

Rose said...

I am getting hungry just reading your blog!

ramblingwoods said...

It's very cool Caron..and I enjoy your style of writing and the fact that you cook a head and freeze it. I am never that motivated with cooking... Michelle

dsmcaron said...

I think the three of you should come to Des Moines and I will feed you and send home frozen food. :)