Friday, August 21, 2009

Catching up on a Friday

There's a pharmacy in Des Moines that still has a sandwich counter. I took my girlfriend's daughters there today. Bauder's Pharmacy is known for their homemade ice cream. You have to eat your sandwich before you are allowed to have any ice cream. That's my rule. Not the pharmacy's.

I don't have the same relationship with the girls. The older one says she has had to endure my torture (I make her behave in public and have even read books to her kindergarten class - shocking behavior on my part). The younger looked at me this afternoon and said, "I want to be just like you!" followed by "This is the best lunch ever!"

Um, yea. I never got that out of the older one. Not even when she was five. But I love them both.

The only thing you might actually call nostalgic left at the counter.
And then I got home after work and discover that we are babysitting. I don't really mind, but you can see how pleased the cats are about this situation. The bird feeder in the reflection is new. I got it for $6 on summer clearance. I'm excited to have another bird feeder, but did you know (if you don't feed birds) that you can go through $9,451,782.37 a year feeding birds?
The cats have a simpler solution, but we don't allow that inter-species mingling around this house. Clearly.




Badass Geek said...

I love watching birds on the feeder, but it does get expensive... especially if the squirrels help themselves, too.

Rose said...

I love the birds, but so do my cats. I also have a squirrel that I should check out my label 'Mama Squirrel.' We must be fun to watch for neighbors...Mama Squirrel wants to come and be fed, and Roger and I make mad dashes around the yard to capture all the cats and throw them inside. We call ourselves the cat herders!

dsmcaron said...

I understand cat herding! I did let Casey walk among the midgets and although the cats weren't best pleased, Casey didn't really seem to care. So everyone got to be in the house. The cats were completely grossed out by the dog spit in the water bowl. That had to be washed out a couple times.