Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh, my blog!

I haven’t blogged since Monday because I have been waiting for something interesting to happen to me or waiting for some sort of clever conversation, shocking revelation or cosmic inspiration. None of that has happened. I’ve even thought about something amusing from the past to talk about. But as it turns out, I am blessed with a short memory. It is usually a blessing, but of course not always.

I completely buy into the idea of an internal calendar, that our brains store information and mark time regarding that information. It is why you feel lousy on the anniversary of something like a death even before you remember that this is the day. That calendar is responsible for reminding you, sometimes after unrelated provocation, that today is the day of the birthday of your best friend in 2nd grade. It’s what reminds us that we forgot something, like taking a daily pill. It keeps track of the little details and the Staggering Events in our lives.

I used that capitalization just for effect. Did you like it? Did you notice it? Staggering Events: maybe I should blog about those. Here's my opinion on Staggering Events: They suck.

My lousy memory relies heavily on my internal calendar. My friend Natalie’s cousin was getting married many years ago and she sent me a photo of the dress she was wearing for the event, which needed alterations. The dress, not the event. (note: awkward sentence structure should be corrected...maybe next time)

After a couple months, I followed up ever so thoughtfully with a query:

Caron: So how was the wedding?

Natalie: What wedding?

Caron: Your cousin’s wedding.

Natalie: It was nice. Why?

Caron: Just wondering about the dress and all.

Natalie: The dress? Oh, yea. It all worked out fine.

Caron: So how is married life treating them?

Natalie: Well, they’ve been married for two years now…

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