Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Iowa State Fair 2009

I took the kids to the state fair tonight. I left work a little early and we piled into the car and spent the best 90 bucks I've spent all summer. Don't let the tough poses fool you! Aaron did 8 chin ups with the Marines, they all did an impressive number of full push-ups (Feta did them, too!) at the Army National Guard. They got cotton candy, a caramel apple and chicken wings. They got to ride a roller coaster that was well worth the money. Prince, who is the oldest boy, got to hang out with Pastor Ben and the older senior high school kids. But I heard him say later on that we did more fun things than they did. And you know, what? I think that's true. I dragged them through some barns so they saw baby pigs and goats as well as horses and dairy cows. They saw baby ostriches, turkey, geese and chickens. We saw the crops and some artwork (the sort that uses beans and stuff) along with all the flowers that were judged. And bonus: we got to see the butter cow. We stopped and looked at things like an obnoxious guy in a dunk tank and another guy who used a chainsaw to turn a block of ice into a pig. There was a group called Vocal Trash and we heard them start to play and Feta's eyes lit up. We listened to the group for about 30 minutes and -mind you, she's a teenager - she was smiling and bopping around and showing excitement and so every time Aaron would say whine, "Can we go?" I said "No, your sister is enjoying herself." They're such good kids. It was a good evening.


Badass Geek said...

Sounds like everyone had a good time! Fairs are always a blast.

Nature Notes Meme said...

Hello...You have a beautiful family and nothing says summer like the fair. You make me wish I had a younger child to take to our fair which is going on now. I am guessing that this is the post you wanted to leave for Nature Notes? Could you label it so that people who visit later can identify it as the meme runs all week....Thank you and welcome to Nature Notes!!!!! --Michelle--