Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hunger is the best sauce

I ate the best hamburger of my life today.

That may be a little overstated, but this morning I walked/ran about seven miles. The ladies had put together lunch and I was so hungry it tasted like the best meal ever put before me. Couple that with eating outside, which always makes food taste better, and you have a meal fit for...well, me!

It made me think of all the times I eat mindlessly because it's time to eat or I am bored. I wonder if most of America needs to work a little harder for their food so it tastes even better and does good things for our bodies.

Did you know that late summer can be a difficult time for your local food bank/pantry? Please buy an extra can of corn to give away this month and savor your next meal!!

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Rose said...

I am definitely of the opinion that actually working and being hungry makes anything taste better.

BTW, when I have a hamburger off the grill, I always feel like it is a meal fit for a king (or queen!)