Monday, August 24, 2009

What to do in my next life, which I am totally convinced I will have and I do not mean reincarnation

I had a birthday. It’s over. Let’s not talk about it. The plan was that on one day of the year, I had to get older. So for that part of it, if you want to be positive about the whole thing, the day was a whopping success. Talk about putting make up on a pig.


Moving on: I walked 13 miles on Saturday. I didn’t do it particularly well, but I did it in a respectable amount of time so I feel pretty good about the Air Force Marathon in September. My feet twinged, but did not hurt.


I had a thought during a lunch and learn on Friday about career choices and how I would enjoy being a data modeler or a data architect. Now that may seem a little obscure to many folks, but I have that kind of teeny, detailed way of thinking that would make me feel warm & cozy at the end of the work day for having matched up so much crap in someone’s relational database.

The spooky part is that I already knew this about myself and data modeling. It wasn’t an epiphany. It was more like that feeling you get when you realize you might have missed the jackpot in the lottery by one number. If you had actually bought a ticket…

…since I was a journalism major in college. Yea, so…I didn’t buy a ticket. Get it?

Here I sit as a recruiter. Yep, I like that as well. I do OK with people and I like matching people with jobs and I LOVE working on commission. I totally get the commission thing and am always surprised when people say it would make them nervous.
I LOVE the idea that this coming paycheck could be huge. Of course, my last huge paycheck was two years ago and this year much less, but you live off the lower amount and have fun with the higher amount. By fun, I mean paying off second mortgages and the like. Which I did. I paid off two of them. And the house is better for the improvements made.

Do I need to teach a class on not living on the higher amount? No? Good. But I could do that as well.

Another job I would love is a tour guide. I wouldn’t want to be the sort of tour guide that runs from pillar to post all day long schlepping tired tourists into and out of 17 churches in three hours in four cities. I would like to live in a wicked pisser place that people are chewing their arms off to get to and then just show them around. Going on hikes and eating in restaurants and sitting in pubs, listening to good local music and memorizing historical information and sharing umbrellas and getting on boats and helping when everyone gets sea sick. I would love that.


Akelamalu said...


I really like your idea of what a tour guide is - I think I'd quite like a job like that too! :)

Thanks for visiting me and taking the time to comment, I hope you'll call in again. :)

Aunt Becky said...

Happy FREAKING birthday, my friend!

I think I would suck as a tour guide, but mainly because I couldn't do the same thing over and over again. WAIT. That's my job now. Hm. Maybe I COULD do it after all.

dsmcaron said...

Akelamalu, I will visit again! Thanks for the invitation.

Aunt Becky, cleaning up sea sick and cleaning poopy diapers - you are a tour guide in training. :)

Natasha said...

I could totally see you doing the tour guide thing. You would be amazing at that.