Thursday, August 13, 2009

I talk about morons, walking and feet

I was thinking about what I should blog today. Yesterday afternoon, I wrote out a post about how irritated I was with a job candidate for whom I had scheduled a telephone interview with a client. He didn’t answer their call. I was pretty irritated.

He finally sent me an email saying that he had been in a meeting with his manager and he had thought the interview was at 11:00am. I have no idea where he got that time, but it was at 2:00pm. OK, so busy people get off track sometime. I understand that. He's a Java programmer and Monday’s interview was scrapped due to a production emergency.

Here’s a thought. When the client didn’t call at 11:00am, why didn’t you call me?

So even though I understand, I still think you’re a moron. Thanks for that. Now I have to make room on my moron list for you and I had hoped I wouldn’t have to add anymore people this year.

But that was yesterday. Today is a new day. I am sitting here contemplating my life and I have decided that the biggest focus yesterday and today is walking.

Two nights ago I walked four miles in 50 minutes. Yesterday I walked 2 miles in 33 minutes and swam for 20 minutes. You have to change these things around. NO, wait. Let’s talk about my feet. I’ve been doing exercises for my feet. I’ve done some yoga poses that stretch the feet and toes. I bought some tennis balls and have fallen in love with the feeling I get from running my foot over it. I have been stretching my toes apart with my fingers and I love that.

I love that because I have always liked playing with my toes like a monkey. So now I have an excuse…as if I needed one.

All of this had made my feet feel much better in a short period of time. I took two full weeks off of my feet, so it is possible it is just a coincidence, but I will keep doing all this since I have the half marathon bearing down on me. Staring me in the face. No pressure.

I printed off the map of the route for the Air Force Marathon and I have it on my desk, just to the left of my keyboard so I look at it every day. For your enjoyment, I have added a low-quality cell phone photo of the map.

I’ll try to be more interesting tomorrow. If you are more interesting (and I'm sure you are, let's face it) tell me about it. Please.


Badass Geek said...

I promise you, I am not more interesting. I may seem like it on my blog, but I am as boring as they come.

dsmcaron said...

Maine can't be boring and besides, you're funny!! And you comment on my blog, so I feel like I should send you a check or something. :)

Cindy said...

I'm not more interesting. You are interesting. I'm so glad that your feet are feeling better. Are you going to the Pasta dinner Friday night? You can probably buy a ticket for your Mom if you want to bring her.