Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside

Nevada, Iowa's Lincoln Highway Days has nothing to do with the Lincoln Highway except that the highway goes through the town of Nevada. It's a bit like their county fair only it isn't their county fair. It's pronounced Ne-vay-da. Not like the state. It was chilly outside, as you can sort of see from the steam coming off my coffee. Those scrambled eggs were made by the Jaycees on a grill and they were very good. The ham was local. The coffee was very good. It was all incredibly expensive. They'll be taking a few installment payments straight out of the bank account for this breakfast. I guess it's a fundraising sort of thing.

OK, really. We all paid cash. What you see there cost me five bucks, American.


I like cookbooks and there was a man set up with tables of stuff and junk for later in the day when the normal people arrived. He had many cookbooks and I looked at them all. There was a cookbook I really wanted for two soup recipes. One soup was a creamy peanut butter soup and the other used a can of peas, pureed, for a base. Did I mention I went through every cookbook? Some of them had been damp at some point in their long lives and so they made my nose tickle. My fingers felt, well, they felt a little moldy and I had to wash them.

I picked three old Better Homes & Garden cookbooks with their little drawings and sometimes strange recipes (lots of Jell-O molds and salads!) and happily paid a little too much for them.

There they are: the cheese one is interesting. The barbecues and picnics one is good. It's fun reading them. I got home and later in the day, I sat outside and flipped through them looking for the soup recipes.


I didn't buy it. Anyone have a creamy peanut butter soup recipe? A recipe using pureed, canned peas as a basis for the broth? Shoot. Even the google machine hasn't been really helpful. I've found a few, but both these recipes in the unpurchased cookbook were super simple with less than five ingredients. You'd think I would remember them, but I don't.

As you can see, I am wearing a sweatshirt. I wore it all day, even into the afternoon. When I got home I walked the worst 3 miles I've walked in a long time. But I got it done. And today I walked 5.25 miles. Today I signed up and paid for six adult swimming lessons as I hope to feel a little less spastic and unathletic in the swimming pool. As of now, I get the job done, but I feel a bit like I'm flailing around confusing the lifeguards. Oh and, um, swimming on my back all the time. (Shut up)

I have recently left comments on other blogs trying to help out owners of curly hair.

As you see, I'm not just a customer, I'm the president.


Rose said...

That last line is a good one! I am in the opposite hair won't hold a curl unless it is permed. Seriously.

Aunt Becky said...

I hate to cook but I love, love, love looking through old cookbooks. Actually, I guess, I just love old books.

Badass Geek said...

Peanut butter soup? Sign me up.

dsmcaron said...

BAG, just for that I will find and make a recipe. It sounds heavenly, huh? You should hear about what recipes I am willing to make with peanut butter! Maybe you will...

Aunt Becky, I love them, too. I always look for funny ones like you see at the gallery of regrettable food, but I never find those or my brain needs someone else to point it all out to me.

Rose, It's a blessing and curse.

Rambling Woods said...

Great post..I have a friend who is a great cook and loves cookbooks to the extent that she has to sneak them into the house so her husband won't chide her for them. He should appreciate them, I think. I can't help you as I am not much of a cook.... Michelle