Friday, February 14, 2014

Annabelle, who wouldn't put up with a mouse

It's written all over her face. Even if a mouse were six inches tall wearing gold chains and medallions and flashing gang signs, she smack that dude into next Tuesday. Also? Excellent camera skillz. Also? She tolerates me.

She will let people pet her, but we warn them to watch her carefully because she will smack you when you've gone too far. The signs are subtle. This one got smacked around a few weeks ago and when she did, she made a face like this because it was unexpected, which is what I mean when I say subtle.

She also tolerates me.


Rambling Woods said...

My Elliott is a sweet boy..unless you pick him up..then all bets are off.. I don't pick him up unless it is to give him a shot..hey...that would explain it, wouldn't it?

Caron said...

Sure would! We clipped Annabelle's razor blade nails this weekend and she was so vocal about her unhappiness that everyone came running to make sure she was ok. Poor baby. :/