Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Good day, Sunshine!

Even though it's colder than a monkey's behind outside, there's this to make you happy:

This sunshine was pouring through my window this morning:

I know spring is really on the way when the sun begins pouring through my window onto my hands when I get to the office. I use sunscreen in the morning, but I need to put it back on my desk, apparently. Gotta protect my hands! 

You might think this is great, having sunshine everywhere, but in the meantime...

We have a cat named Henry. Henry is a sweet thing who's elevator doesn't go all the way to the top. Last Sunday he got out the front door and then, in his panic, he became wedged between the house and a fence post. In the snow on a freezing cold day. We were right there with him and once he calmed down, he turned, relaxed and wiggled his way out of the predicament. But ever since we got him back in the house, he's been different: He's been loving. He's sat and slept on us, which is something he would never do before. 

We think, because it was 4 o'clock on the nose, that he thought it was supper time. He eats in the garage, so he goes through an open door to get there. Poor thing. 

Here is a helpful infographic you may want to post on your refrigerator for future reference. 


Montanagirl said...

Ha! Love this post!

Rose said...

Oh, this made me laugh.

As for a cat about to leave me...that will never happen. It would be more that they would kick me out, but since we are at their beck and call, I don't think that will happen either.

Caron said...

Oh Rose, you have such a good point!

Rambling Woods said...

You made me smile..Love that song.. Lucky Henry to have you.. After Elliott had two teeth pulled, he became much more affectionate even at the age of 10. He must have known that we were helping him as Henry does of you.. Michelle