Thursday, February 6, 2014

Because I am lame and Random 5 Friday

I saved some summer photos to Blogger on my phone and thought I would come over here to the real 'puter and post the photos and talk about how some day it will be summer again because that's completely rational and nothing anyone else is complaining about these days.

Random 5 Friday
Because it's Thursday

1. Tomorrow I get to go to Grand View University with Prince to meet the football coach. I hope there isn't a lot of walking around campus expected of me in the cold. Last time we were there is pouring rain and I got soaked going back across campus to my car to get the kid a jacket. So I won't be here. As if that is different than most of the days in the last two weeks when I have been not blogging. But I thought you'd notice more if I pointed it out.

2. I went to lunch today with a girl who pulled a Sonic Screwdriver out of her purse. The angels sang.

3. I am beginning to miss the Irish language. Níl aon tión mar do tión fein.

4. Last night I made up some bread pudding, which I have done before. I threw it in the fridge and went to bed. When I woke up I threw it in the oven. It baked up just fine. I followed a recipe, too. And then I pulled it out of the oven and let it cool a little bit. I scooped some into a bowl and sat down with a cup of coffee and then this happened

There was no sugar in it. It was disgusting.

5. I'm getting Lou Malnati's pizza delivered on Sunday. Now THAT is blogworthy!


Rambling Woods said...

Oh no.... That is so what I would do,,, the no sugar I mean

Rose said...

Haha on the bread pudding...just the name bread pudding makes me want to do that, but Roger likes it. I probably would, too, if I could get past the name.

But I have did that thing of forgetting a main ingredient...can't remember what it was. I just know it was not at a good time.