Friday, February 28, 2014

Random 5 Friday

It's Friday and time for Random 5 Friday, which I still don't link to. There's also this thing called 7 Quick Takes on Fridays over at a different blog, but I won't link to that either because I'm lazy. 

1. I got to work to find a bacon maple donut on my desk. Need I say more? 

2. I saw the teenager yesterday and I told him a joke: If God had wanted us to use the metric system, he would have given us 10 apostles. THAT is funny!! He said it was lame and he flicked me. Twice! So I demanded a joke. He came up with this one: Why did the dinosaur cross the road? Because the chicken wasn't born yet. Seriously? Lame

Here's a joke we can all get behind: What kind of cats like to go bowling? Alley cats, of course!

3. Lent begins next Wednesday and I am still trying to decide what I want to do. It occurs to me that I could go through all of Lent without complaining about track meets.

The teenager

4. Actually, there are two teenagers referred to herein as The Teenager. They are not interchangeable. They are delightful and exasperating guys who make me laugh and cry. Sometimes at the same time.

5. I want new speakers for my office computer. I inherited these really big, clumpy looking things that probably date back to the advent of computer speakers. They are in my way because real estate on my desk is at a premium and they are really rather large. They take up the square footage. They're desk top hogs.

6. Since I'm blogging at you for seven days this week, I will do seven random thingys here this week. I was thinking this morning about all the work I put in a few years ago getting a technique down for making cut-out sugar cookies. Except that I consumed most of them, which isn't actually good for you. Was all that work for nothing? If I make sugar cookies now will I get it all mixed up and funky looking the way I used to?

7. Tomorrow there is a funeral for a teenager and a surprise birthday party for someone in her 80s. Life is strange that way.


Montanagirl said...

I always enjoy reading your random thoughts. When I think of my 19 year old nephew laying a few blocks away in the cemetery, then of my Dad who is now 92 and in a Nursing Home - well, you probably get the picture.

Rose said...

Yummmm--that looks good.

I think sometimes Roger would like to use Bubbie as a bowling ball...just kidding. Though he would deserve it sometimes, cause he likes to pick. And he herds Roger around sometimes...just like a herding dog.

Is you teenager just getting ready to run or has he just finished a run? I can't tell which...Sarah ran track and cross country. I so regret this now, but I saw so few of her meets. Just simply too weary at the end of a day to go anywhere...Roger saw more than me.

Another thing...I have not made cookies since I don't know when. With Roger being diabetic and kids far away..I figure we don't need cookies sitting around.

Rambling Woods said...

Life is strange