Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Big Purse Dump

I have decided to join a blogger named Jen and write for seven consecutive days. Her blog has a gazillion readers and other bloggers who have joined the 7 for 7 thing and they all link to it properly and I just don't usually remember to do those things, but I'm blogging at you for 7 straight days, so prepare yourself.

I will link to this one I'm doing today. It's called the Big Purse Dump and you just dump out your purse and see what's going on in there.

Disclaimer: I go for months without a purse at all because I dislike them so much. I happen to have rejoined the pursed ranks a few weeks ago because I was spending the day with a teenager and I figured I might need to some storage space. I've been using it ever since because un-pursing myself also takes a little work.

Here are some suggested categories:
It's my favorite thing in here; Wow, I really have a lot of these;p I've been looking for those; Huh. THAT shouldn't be in there. 

Here are the contents of my purse: Two pair of sunglasses, a watch, a checkbook, a pad of paper, two pens, one mini-toothbrush, business cards, today's Wall Street Journal, a page torn from Woman's Day magazine about socks, an invitation to a local college's football campus visit, DayQuil, M&Ms, a pink rosary, lip balm, a thank-you note written by my 7-year-old granddaughter, my wallet, two one-dollar bills a receipt, An Excedrin bottle and an envelope full of gift certificates I have won from my local library's winter adult reading program. 


Here's what I know:
The bottle of Excedrin is empty because I took the last two pills on Sunday morning. I was at church, so I threw the empty bottle back in my purse. The DayQuil was for the teenager. So is the campus visit card. In fact, the whole idea of carrying a purse was because of him. The page from Woman's Day is in there because I thought some of the ideas were clever and I wanted to see if it was already on Pinterest (I have not, of course, actually checked). 

The green pen was lifted from a local church. The blue pen clearly came from the office. The M&Ms were supposed to be a little treat for my husband, but once I get home and I drop that purse, I'm not rummaging through it for a darn thing, so there it sits. The teenager will get it, most likely. The rosary because I finally found my beautiful wooden one and I wanted the pink one in the car. I can't remember how it got in my purse. Unless it never made it back into the glove box. I can't remember. 

I just got the thank-you note from the granddaughter on Sunday. I have no idea why it went into my purse. The business cards are funny because I always think I don't have any on me. So that amuses me, but probably it isn't at all amusing. 

The two pair of sunglasses is because I was too lazy to look in my purse for my regular sunglasses this morning. I popped open the compartment in my car that has my (expensive) spare pair, which were cold and fogged up on me, but I was still too lazy to get into my purse to see if my regular sunglasses were in there and they were and they would have been warm, too. 

The green thing is my wallet and that's typically all I carry. This would not have been as revealing.  
I will look inside the green thing now to see if there is anything surprising within. 

One bobby pin
57 58 83 cents
Key fob
A medallion from church
credit cards, rewards cards, security cards
fundraising cards for places I never go
Driver's license upon which I look like a criminal because we aren't allowed to smile anymore
Receipts I will never remember to give to our accountant at work
An expired coupon for Folgers coffee

As for the categories: 
It's my favorite thing in here: oddly enough, the pens and paper. I have to think hard about why I have paper in my purse. I went to talk to the teenager's coach and I guess I thought he'd say something worthy of being recorded for the future or my bad memory.

Wow, I really have a lot of these: I don't have a lot of anything. But I have more money than I would ever expect in my purse. I don't usually carry much. No idea why I have $27. 

I've been looking for those: I think the only thing in here that sort of surprised me is the white watch. I didn't know it was in my purse. I wasn't exactly looking for it, either. 

Huh. THAT shouldn't be in there: The M&Ms because I specifically grabbed those out of the candy dish to give to the husband last night. 


Kendra Tierney said...

I love your little green inner purse. A lot of gals seem to be doing the purse within a purse thing. I might need to try it!

Holly said...

I have that green and black ink pen and it's my favorite. :)

Montanagirl said...

You have WAY more stuff in your purse than I have in mine! lOL

nanny bee said...

I'm just glad I am not the only blogger without young children that responded. Our three are grown. We have five grandchildren. So far.

Rambling Woods said...

I hate shoes, but love handbags.... Mine is organized because every time I am in a doc waiting room, I clean it... Sad,,,,

Rose said...

I only carry a purse on rare occasions. I don't hate purses...in fact I always look at them when I am in the mall. I just don't like carrying them for the most part...just for when we are going to be sitting at dr's office and I want to carry a few things...or occasionally to the mall.

The thing is purse designers don't have a clue. I will find a purse that I really like, open it up and the lining is black. I refuse to buy a bag with a black lining. It is just so hard to find anything in.

I could and should write a blog posts about purses! Maybe one of these days I will...

Anonymous said...

Another women who dislikes carrying/lugging a purse around. & when I do I bring everything 'just in case' because might as well because I have a place to put them.