Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A life-affirming snack and more of Montana

I know I'm on vacation and I know I should have many exciting things to tell you. However, I am currently filling up my buckets o'nothing as fast as I can.

Very relaxing.

On the other hand, I can confirm that Cold Stone Creamery has a life-affirming ice cream called Key Lime. Mix it with graham cracker crust. The clouds parted, angels appeared. You get the idea.

I also tried coconut M&Ms based on another blogger's comments. These little treats are supposed to be pretty good, but I must have been thinking something different in the chocolate & coconut combination arena.

Like coconut: To be fair, I wouldn't have been happy unless they were delicious mushed up Mounds bars inside an M&M coating. And come to think of it, I don't like M&Ms. Furthermore, I don't know why I wouldn't simply eat a Mounds bar. Amen!

I took a bite out of one M&M and threw the package away. What's the thing with people who've never tasted anything before - I'm saying it's their first time to try something - and they shove a heaping pile of it into their mouths? That's what I don't understand. I was prepared to be delighted, but even so I only popped one little M&M in there to run it over the tastebuds and through the grinders.

It never stood a chance of hitting the calorie-to-taste ratio. Verdict: not worth the calories.

On the other hand, key lime ice cream. Yes.

Took these on the road through eastern Montana yesterday. The truck is moving, the camera is attached to a Palm Treo, so I can't complain about the quality. On to Polson today.


EG Wow said...

I haven't been to Montana in years. It is such a beautiful state. Key lime ice cream? Sounds great. Now I have to find some. :)

Aunt Becky said...

Okay, I'm officially drooling now. I mean, maybe I was before, but you know, I won't TELL you that.