Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vacation is winding down

Here is one last blast of pretty pictures from Montana. Vacation is winding down and I can tell by the way my thoughts have turned to the hot weather, the rain, my tomatoes, the new job order we got on Friday at work, and other mundane things that will present themselves. These two women (above) are strangers. No idea who they are. I often think of how many photos I am in that I don't know about. They're scattered all over the world, I imagine.
I have 10 weeks until the half marathon. When I get home I want to start training for good. I think I mentioned the dying refrigerator here in the RV. It died at last and I did a pretty good job eating what needing to be eaten before we lost the freezer. But the upshot of that is that I, no regular meat eater, have eaten meat every single day. I'm heartily sick of it. Very little food has gone to waste. I think a popsicle had to be tossed. That's pretty good working things out.
The wind generated by this waterfall was monstrous. It was beautiful, though. I had hiked up this trail halfway once before, but never had gone this far. Virginia Falls is the name (above).

That's it for now. The drive today is border-to-border South Dakota. I still have two Smithsonian magazines to read, thank goodness. Good planning on the reading material this trip as well.

Have a good day.


Barb said...

Oh, the scenery is breathtaking! I have friends that are mohing their way through the West (Utah, Colorado, Montana and more. They just left MT, in fact!

I read the post on little Lexi the pup, too. Some pet owners really are idiots. I sure hope Lexi makes a full recovery.

Barb said...

Sorry, that should be moho'ing - as in motorhome'ing. I really need to proof before I hit publish. ::sigh::

Rose said...

Love those waterfall/water shots...

I am always glad to go but almost happier to get back home.

Rambling Woods said...

Lovely photos and of the red admiral butterfly...sorry your cooler died, but you did make sure not much went to waste....Michelle

EG Wow said...

Montana is a beautiful state. But it's BIG too so you must have quite a ride!

The waterfall photos are wonderful!

MyMaracas said...

Grand scenery you're enjoying there. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Too bad about the fridge. I'm sure you'll miss that freezer. Still, nothing says summer like a cooler full of melting ice and slightly soggy food.