Sunday, July 4, 2010

The sleep of the innocent

Last night I slept like I hadn't slept in ages and when I was still dreaming I was completely confused about a few things. I didn't know whether to wake up or sleep in. I didn't know if the holiday had already passed. My Aaron is up in Minneapolis at a track meet (His relay team won first place! His brother's won third!) and I dreamed I was talking to him, but he was already home and that's what set the confusion in on me. My awake brain often questions my dreaming brain and there I was asking myself questions like When did Aaron get home? Do I go to work today? Are the kids still here? Other dreams had me equally confused and I wasn't clear about things when I woke up, either.

Maybe I slept so well due to the 5k I ran yesterday morning. As I turned the corner right before the finish line, I looked up at the clock and couldn't believe my eyes: It said 34 minutes!

What? I ran almost the entire route, I should be coming in between 30 and 32 minutes. I felt strong and I had decent form and I wasn't fatigued. Crap. I crossed the finish line at 34:38 and decided, after a pout, to take it as a warning: I need to train more for the half marathon in October. And maybe do a few more 5k events before then.

I filled up the bird feeders yesterday and within 90 minutes the first one was empty. But I just love seeing the greedy little monsters darlings sit in the chain link fence over by the garden.

At church this morning I thought of amusing ways to describe what it is like to get ready for church with two children and then I realized 90% of you already know what that's like and really it isn't all that amusing because I am not Erma Bombeck, God rest her hilarious soul. At least I am no longer in a one bathroom house with a teenaged girl. Now that was murder on a Sunday morning.

Have a happy day!


Anonymous said...

I've had those dreams and have woken up totally disoriented....Glad you got some good sleep though....You do your own version of Erma Bombeck!!!

Rose said...

I have those confusing times with what is dreams and what is real...did that this weekend in fact. It was so real I jumped up and came in here, thinking my daughter had walked in and me still in bed!

Anonymous said...

That Erma. She was funny.

Your crappy time beats my best 5K time. I'm envious.