Thursday, July 1, 2010

Google disabled my gmail account!

My gmail account was disabled when I tried to log in this morning. When I got things set straight and looked at my inbox, I discovered the reason for it: spam. Someone got hold of my email and sent out stupid emails about pills.

Do people even pay attention to those emails? How is this any way to make money?

So if you got a stupid email from me, Google put a stop to it. I saw 11 emails that didn't make it through, but I don't know how many went out before they got suspicious.

Now the day just can't go anywhere but up! I suppose there are worse ways to start in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Same thing happen to me. Woke up to my android phone telling me my password as wrong.

Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

I didn't get anything from you in e-mail. I think Google just messes up sometimes....Michelle