Sunday, July 18, 2010

Livin' on Mountain Time

My brain thinks it is after 10 pm, which is pretty late for me. Not tuned into the fact that I have crossed into Mountain Time, I am getting signals that systems would like to shut down. Before I do that, let me post today's photos from the middle of nowhere South Dakota.

This fellow takes his pet out for a walk every day at Exit 170 near Belvidere:

This fellow greeted me and then posed very nicely for a whole photo shoot. Can you believe my camera took these?

He took off after awhile, but the winds here in the flat prairie are pretty intense. He was probably hanging on for dear life; look at his mouth! It's like an O. Ohhhhh crap!
The temperature was in the mid-80s, but the wind made me put a jacket on!
This is the sunset. The sun was shining on the storm to the south. The planet hovering above the sunset is Venus.
The storm to the south under a beautiful half moon. The light down on the ground is from little solar lights at each campsite.
This morning I was in a spot that rose above the landscape. It is a state park where the campground is way up high, so I had hills to the right and to the left. I chose one to do hill repeats. I ran up and jogged down 16 times. I feel great, but I know I did them every time I stretch my legs. During the long drives, I've thought of two blog posts that amused me as I "wrote" them in my head, but the roads in South Dakota are so incredibly awful it's like being in a stagecoach. The good ideas get beat out of my mind. That and I'm tired. I'm sure to be brilliant at some point in the future.

Stand by.


Susan at Stony River said...

I love that dinosaur -- and you're taking awesome photos!

Sofia Reino said...

ABSOLUTELY amazing photos. AM glad to see you are having a good time!

Rose said...

I love these shots...well the last two I love...the ones of the grasshopper are excellent. Good shooting!

Rambling Woods said...

Great macro hopper photos..the guy looks like a little tank. You are getting great photos Caron....