Monday, July 5, 2010

Question Mark Kitty

Question Mark Kitty came back twice this weekend looking for a handout! He is fine and walks without a limp!

That's about it for exciting news around here. After all the busy activity of the weekend, the rain today kept me in the house watching movies I recorded back in February, reading and doing a little exercise.

I have been mixing gourment blend bird seed mix with black oil sunflower seeds and guess what? I've seen at least one pair of cardinals. I don't know if pairs of cardinals adopt areas the way the mourning doves do, but I have seen a female and a male cardinal and assume they're a pair.

Lastly, since The Golden Girls is set in Miami I have always been confused about the amount of time they spend in jackets and heavy sweaters. Especially being women of a certain age. That's been on my mind a lot today.

No wonder I keep myself busy.

1 comment:

Rose said...

I love the Golden Girls, but I always wonder do most women have as many clothes as they seem to have? I know I am on the opposite end of the the spectrum cause I hate clothes shopping...but really...and Blanche's negligees!

I am so glad Question Mark Kitty is back and fine...I had been meaning to ask you cause every time Puss Puss sticks her you know what in my face and I look up and see her question mark tail, I think or your kitty.