Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nature Notes, revisited

I hadn't seen these before, so I thought I would add them into the mix. These look like Queen Anne's Lace except that they are more compact, filled with more flowers and in various shades of a rusty red.
This is a fuzzy little thing. Very technical. If I knew the Latin for "fuzzy" I would sound more intelligent, but wouldn't know anything more.

These last photos are of the same plant. It looks like a money tree plant, but the little papery disks are very small.

If you can identify these, let me know!


NicoleB, Kuwait said...

I love the fuzzy flower in blossom.
They are gorgeous!
I love to see flowers and green and colours :D

Rose said...

Oh, I like all...if you had called the little fuzzy thing by its Latin name, we would have known even least we can pronouce fuzzy thing.

Rambling Woods said...

You should post these to the Todays Flowers Meme on Sundays..I am sure someone would know...beautiful though...Michelle

Carver said...

The first one looks like yarrow to me. I have a bunch of different varieties of yarrow (yellow, rust, red, and white). Depending on the variety not only is the flower different but so are the leaves. I love all the shots of the different plants but the first one is the only that I can hazard a guess and I may be wrong. If you go to this link (you may have to copy paste the link)

and scroll down to the achillea strawberry seduction, I think that may be what your first shot is.

A piece of news said...

Carver, thank you!!!