Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DO NOT leave your pets in the car

This is Lexi. Her stupid human parked her car at Apgar village and took off for Logan Pass. At some point, the car she was in had a breakdown and stupid human girl didn't get back to the car with Lexi inside. We know all this because we got a follow-up call today from one of the law enforcement rangers who are pictured. One is not the law, two are. Anyway, I'm sure I should give all the details because I know you will care and will ask.

These photos were taken at the very end as Lexi was gaining strength and showing interest in the water bowl. I had already moved off so as to let Ranger Moses tend to her properly. He was very knowledgeable, experienced and capable.

Rangers Debby Mensh and Gary Moses: good people!
This ranger's name is Brian, I think.

We were in a store at Apgar Village and I overheard the cashier calling about a dog in a Volkswagen in the parking lot. We went to the car and there was a lot of hand-wringing, gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair. Believe it or not, no one had gotten her out of the unlocked car! Yes, the car was unlocked! Bryan got in and lifted her out. I held her and when the female ranger got back, we both cared for her. Bryan and I lifted her to the cooler grass and then the law enforcement rangers showed up with their first aid kit and a vet on the phone.
We actually cooled her down too much and so then we dried her off. She really wasn't acting right. The vet said what the rangers said: we don't know this dog's story nor do we know the stupid human's story. They said they hear all sorts of things and they even predicted the outcome of this one!
We were the only ones who stayed with the dog until she visibly improved. It was wonderful to see her stand on her own except that something was still clearly wrong with little Lexi. It was at this point I decided we needed to go so the good rangers could do their job.

Today we got a phone call letting us know that stupid human showed up and explained that 1. Lexi's behavior was normal for her (she described it before seeing the dog) because she had been bitten by a brown recluse spider 6 months ago and 2. the car she was in was broken down way up on the mountain (which they verified). He said they "pursued" legal action, which I think means she got a ticket. I hope so, anyway. Because it is federal land, they don't really have the right to confiscate the dog. And I suppose Lexi's stupid human learned a lesson. I certainly hope so. She had no good reason to leave that dog in her car. NO reason.

But the rangers were right about the extenuating circumstances, so their experience taught us as well. Just take action and take care of the animal, but don't leap to conclusions.

Some people learn the hard way.


Carver said...

I'm so glad the beautiful dog is ok. That is terrible that Lexi was left in the car.

walk2write said...

It's a good thing the stupid human didn't leave a child in the car. She could have really been in trouble--jail time instead of a ticket. Since many people consider pets to be family members, why aren't the laws more strict where animal abuse and neglect are concerned?

Rose said...

What were they thinking??? I was so afraid at first glance you were going to say it died.

I also always wonder about people I see dragging an animal around at festivals when you can tell they don't enjoy it. I don't mind if it seems happy...but when you can tell how weary they are is another story.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh my gosh..I HATE people like that...it makes me so angry.. glad that she is ok and hope she recovers from the spider bite...

MyMaracas said...

People who leave animals in the car in the middle of the summer should be locked into one themselves for a few hours.