Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's good to look for good things

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One rose bush had all the leaves eaten off it, do you remember that I mentioned that? I put a wire fence around it and now the leaves have grown back and there are even flowers beginning to bloom.

It's good to protect things as they grow.

The rhubarb plant was put to good use this year by someone who sells homemade jam. She took a fair bit of the plant and now it is back and looking better than ever. It's ready to feed anyone who needs pie or cake or sauce.

It's good to put things to use.

My tomato plant is going great guns. There are 9 tomatoes on the vine and countless little yellow flowers scattered high on the plant. I'm going on vacation and may not get to enjoy my tomatoes, at least some of them. I will ask others to pick them when they're ready and let them enjoy.

It's good to share what you have.


Carver said...

Your garden looks so healthy and well cared for. I can barely remember the time when I used to have a well tended garden.

EG Wow said...

Your tomato plant looks very healthy. So far, my plants have only flowers.

Enjoy your vacation!

eileeninmd said...

Looks like your garden is doing great. The homegrown tomatoes will be delicious!

Greenearth said...

Your gardening looking fruitful and creative..

Would love to have one of your gardening posts on my new meme We Can Wednesday which begins next Wednesday.

ramblingwoods said...

Everything looks beautiful Caron.. I am not growing any veggies this year.. I am kind of sad about that.. Michelle

Rose said...

Great that things are growing and being used and/or just being beautiful as the rose.

I miss a day and come back and have missed all kinds of things!