Thursday, May 15, 2008

Going for a walk

I went for a walk again last night and in 67 minutes I did what it took 90 minutes to do on Sunday. It was much later in the day and the sun was going down, so the photo here is sort of crappy. This is a beautiful time to be outside in Iowa. Everything is blooming out of control. So as I walked by all the flowering trees and the lilac bushes the scent surrounded me. Every now and then I paused to breathe deeply. If you'll go here: you can see photos of what I am talking about. This page belongs to a man who goes to our church. My friend who is in Europe is going into the Sistine Chapel right now. Her husband is using a program called Twitter to post short ongoing updates throughout their trip. I've been able to keep track and I love that!
We are heading to the Kansas Speedway so Bryan can do his best to break his neck during 18 laps around the track in a NASCAR race car. I will be doing about 4 laps in a ride-along. I won't be driving! I'm only joking about breaking his neck, of course. I just worry about these things, you know.

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