Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Posting comments

Mom, I just made it easier for anyone to post comments. Give it a try. Click on the link below this paragraph. The link says "0 comments" and then type in the box. Then you have to verify using the word verification box. Just type in the characters you see. Then go down the page a little bit and choose "Name/URL" and type in "Mom." Finally, hit Publish Your Comment in the orange box. It should be slick as whale snot.

By the way, the Linden tree got planted in the front yard. And as for photos, there are a few new ones on myspace. I had forgotten about Picasa, which is easy to use with Blogger, so I may fiddle around, but no promises as to the timing of that. I joke about being lazy, but most of you know that I have very little free time lately. I really try to not be busy. I got to see Louise for a whole 10 minutes on Monday evening, for crying out loud. I want to rent a movie and go over with popcorn and I want to sit and play gin rummy with her. But this week tonight is the only night I have free and I need to get ready to go to KC on Friday (we'll be right back on Friday evening), so we'll have to see what Saturday brings. As of right now I have NO plans for Saturday! And the forecasted rain is no longer in the forecast. You know how I feel about that. Makes me smile.

Attached to this post is a photo no one has seen for years and years.


mom said...

Okay, I shall try this.
Isnt that a pic of your friend
in Chicago? Cant remember her name.

Caron said...

Yes, that's Kori.