Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I have been listening to a lot of music lately because I’m getting an iPod for my birthday, which isn’t until August of course, but whatever. I think I will get it today or tomorrow. I have created a preliminary playlist of 234 songs. I put them in alpha order and yesterday I got about halfway through. Amazing how long it takes. So far I mostly have songs from the 70s, Michael Buble and Jimmy Buffett. Jimmy Buffett songs make me want to get on a plane or an smallish ice-reinforced ship.

When I got back to the States after four weeks on board and then one week in Patagonia, I listened to Jimmy Buffett almost exclusively. I was in my car a lot for my job and I had six CDs lined up and I just kept them going for months. Oh, yes and Ava Maria by Harry Connick, Jr. I listened to that over and over on the ship. Anyway, it’s sort of an odd assortment of memories in the playlist so far. I need to decide whether to get The Babys Anthology on CD or just go into iTunes and buy the songs I want. I have the LP still and I listen to it at home, but that isn’t going to cut it. I got in the car this morning and the radio station actually played a song from that album. I figured that meant I HAD to get it one way or another!

My apologies for this post. Even I’m bored. LOL

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