Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kansas Speedway

I gave up my ride along so Bryan could do it before he started to drive. They recommended that and it did seem like a good idea for him to be able to feel how fast he could go if he wanted to. The only thing I could remember from the last time I did it was how fast the trip started. It felt like we'd gone from zero to 160 mph in about 3 seconds. I had no idea where we were on the track after that! His official high speed was 145.15 mph, but he said on the last 10 laps he never let up on the accelerator even on the turns. We don't know at what point on the track the speed was calculated and the guy who passed out the speed sheets seemed to think inaccuracies were possible. Anyway, he had a great time and I took a lot of photos so he could see things like how far behind the instructor he stayed. They have to stay 3-5 car lengths behind the instructor and Bryan did a really good job of that. His laps were all less than 60 seconds long. So I won't do the math, but it is a 1.5 miles track (I think) and he did it in almost "no" time each lap. He is outside in the driveway washing the Trailblazer right now and the friend who got him half of the day for his birthday is now in the driveway visiting! (That is, Bryan bought the other half so he could move up from 18 laps to 30) They have a lot to talk about. Last time he did this driving experience, this friend/neighbor did it with him and they've been down there together for a race as well.

It is supposed to be 80 degrees today, so I'm thinking about a bike ride. There are a few new photos from the day at under "pics."

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