Sunday, May 11, 2008

prepare yerself for photos

I have made a myspace page for photographs.

I'll add some more photos today and by the time anyone reads this post, there will be another post telling you the URL for the myspace page. I'll work on that today after Mother's Day dinner at my house. I'm making a ham. Bryan volunteered us to babysit Chloe yesterday and he had her in stitches most of the time. Chloe is Michelle & Jeff's daughter. She'll be a year old next week.

I intend to scan and load photos from Antarctica on the myspace page. Not many, but a few. It's been a long time (I went in what, 1999 I think?) since I looked at them, but they're some really cool pics and many/most of you have never seen them. O and I could be devious and put up photos from high school...LOL. Just kidding.

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