Monday, May 19, 2008

You'll never believe this

I am typing this on my cell phone. I am at the stinky gym for Aaron's last class. 90 minutes of sitting around with Prince, who has attended his brother's class faithfully. But I love hanging out with them. Apparently Aaron has a bit of an attitude b/c his mom asked me to advise him about it. I thought that was what she said but I looked at Feta to be sure I was clear. So I told him to let it go. Then I lectured him about picking on kids at school b/c I heard from another mother , who has been a friend of mine for ten years, that he has been. He is very athletic, cute, sassy, he sings well and he's sort of funny. He's some poor father's nightmare in training. He also kept saying everythings 'sucks' so I wouldn't let him go to class until I told him to stand properly and hear me out. Little monster.
This gym is where Olympic hopeful Shawn Johnson trains. Maybe you haven't heard of her yet but she gets lots of coverage here since she is from Urbandale.
I was asked at the last minute to watch Aubree and that would have been fun here tonight for a change. But I don't get home until 9 and Michelle said that was too late. Bummer. It isn't that hard to type all this on my cell phone keypad and since I have 90 minutes to kill...but let me say that it is a good thing I chopped off all my fingernails last week.
I stopped to see Louise this evening and she was short of breath and confused about her oxygen cannister. Her son called her back right then so I helped clear things up. We sat for a bit and she calmed down and began remembering what she couldn't remember when I got there.I'll call around 845 and remind her to take her pill and turn the machine off. now I will hit 'done' and if this doesn't save, I'll be a bit miffed. :)

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